Adopting cars in Rail Ops

All users can adopt cars in Rail Ops.  You can adopt up to 5 cars and any car may have up to 5 owners.   Most of the cars on the layout are TMRR club cars and are available for adoption.  All of the owners of the adopted car will earn TG$ for each move of the car; completely in line with the owners of private cars.  But it comes with a price. 

The owner consortium is responsible for maintaining a safe, operationally sound and desirable car that will keep the stock rolling at a profitable rate.  An attractive and well maintained car with good per diem rates and well-structured waybill will be selected often by movers. However, the competition is tough and the users are fickle.  At the drop of a hat a user can disown the car and immediately adopt another looking for a better investment. 

Cars can be adopted and disowned by the user/owner anytime from anywhere. If you have less than 5 adopted cars and the car qualifies, you will be offered the “Adopt Car” checkbox from the individual Car Pages.  If you are already an adopted owner of that car you will be offered the “Disown Car” checkbox. Owners will be notified of membership changes and maintenance issues with the car.  The owners are responsible for arranging for the resources to keep their investments running smoothly.

An additional benefit of the owners is the ability to request that your car be moved to a specific location and even offer a TG$ incentive.  However, premium moves are a premium price, so be prepared to open your coffers. However, profits are quickly consumed with transaction fees and premium rates. Premium custom moves are always funded from the owner's account and it will always be more TG$ than the mover will receive.  Lastly,  "Reserved" cars in The Game cannot be adopted until they complete their task.