Car list

Car Name Type Location Waybill TS
ATSF Stock
Cattle Youngstown Pvt-South 7-22-24
ATSF81866 3 Bay Hopper Ward 0 7-13-24
BNSF 723845
Youngstown Pvt-South 7-16-24
BREX74617 Reefer Box Express Youngstown 0 7-07-24
CSX 52513
Main Yard South turn* 7-14-24
GN 2145
Cottonmouth 0 7-16-24
GN15155 Box Car Saanich 0 7-20-24
JIMs Winery
Wine Freihube Pvt-South 7-20-24
TTX Auto Rack
Autorack Vitzyard 0 7-19-24
N&W 516525
Log Barbecue Pit Yard Logging 1* 7-09-24
NKP Tractor Flat
Flat Lillyville Pvt-South 7-21-24
OC&E 2002
Cattle Youngstown Cattle 7-21-24
PFE Reefer
Reefer Lillyville Pvt-South 7-21-24
PHMX2002 Metals Abby Hope Circle 7-19-24
PHMX2202 Gondola Main Yard Hope and Back 7-22-24
RBOX20213 Box Main Yard South turn* 7-14-24
Box Central Station Lillyville Turn 7-22-24
Business Main Yard South turn* 7-18-24
SP246081 Box Vitzyard Lillyville Turn 7-19-24
SP460607 Cement Yuma Colton Cement Turn 7-12-24
SP490112 Cement Rochester Colton Cement Turn 7-12-24
St Pauli Girl
Beer Transport Freihube Pvt-South 7-22-24
SSW59065 Paper Youngstown Pvt-South 7-08-24
Texas &Pacific
Ward 0 7-16-24
TMR219 Log Steuer Logging 1* 7-22-24
TMR 505
Pipe Colton 0 7-21-24
TMR 801
Flat log Main Yard Logging 1* 7-22-24
TMR 802
Pipe Load Main Yard 0 7-16-24
TMR 804
Pipe Load Python 0 7-13-24
Fire 2113
Fire Steuer
TMR2121 Recycling Crane Hope and Back 7-16-24
TMR2124 Gondola Crane Hope and Back 7-17-24
TMR2125 Gondola Elizabeth Hope Circle 7-16-24
TMR2127 CD Gondola Saanich Hope and Back 7-17-24
TMR2129 Gondola Main Yard South turn* 7-13-24
TMR2130 Gondola Blue Mountain Hope and Back 7-13-24
TMR2131 Gondola Vitzyard Hope and Back 7-12-24
TMR2603 Gondola Main Yard Hope Circle 7-22-24
TMR3101 Tank Steuer Logging Camp Phillips and up 7-22-24
Tug Valley Line
Flat Rio Grande Lillyville Turn 7-21-24
UP30501 Gondola Schubert Jct Hope Circle 7-22-24
UP215046 Bulkhead Flat Main Yard South turn* 7-16-24
Available Job
Accepted Move
Verifying Location
Out of Play